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One of these mothers will spend $10 million dollars this year to prevent Coloradans from protecting their children from the chemicals in the foods she is paid to promote. The other mom volunteered to explain the potential dangers of GMOs.   Can you tell who's who? Read commentary.       Read Text of Proposition 105 How will Colorado law will be amended? What...

You dread the "Don Moment".     You are innocently refilling your cup at the office water cooler when "Know It All Don" shows up. The guy who makes sure you know you are WRONG about everything. Here is a cheat sheet for putting these Don's in their places when they blather on about GMO's.       "Don't you know we need GMO's to...
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Where will we get reliable local news?   After a long and storied history, the Denver Post has given up. The editorial board no longer balances facts to present cogent arguments for its readers. The editorial board merely stakes an ideological stand supported by illogical claims.   The Post's recent editorial, demanding its remaining readers vote NO on Proposition 105, the GMO...
Posted 2 weeks 4 days ago

  Reason for withdraw or recall: Exotic Superfoods has announced that it is voluntarily recalling from distribution 11.7 OZ and 32 OZ of Young Thai Coconut water.  These batches were not subjected to 5-log reduction. There has been no evidence of injury or illness from consuming this product.    I   Article-UPC-Codes and Lot #’s  The  UPC  ...
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Exotic Superfoods is voluntarily recalling its 11.7 oz. Coconut Water -UPC 705105501611 and LOT # 109-B2 and 32 oz. Coconut Water UPC 705105501710 and LOT #’s 209-A4, 213-B1, 213-A2, 213-B3, 213-A4, 214-B1 due to batches not being subjected to 5-log reduction process which lowers the amount of bacteria in the product. Consumption of this product may lead to illness. 
Posted 5 hours 14 min ago