Values Matter in Advocacy: supporting the health and vitality of our communities

At Natural Grocers we prefer to "sit straight and fly right" and thus not get tangled up in political and regulatory affairs. No such luck! Every standard we set and every decision we make is the culmination of years of research and study of the food system and its regulatory framework. The safety, quality, sustainability and price of the products we sell are determined within an interconnected global web of political agreements, scientific consortia, private enterprise, regulatory oversight and shifting consumer demand.


We believe that any business -- especially any food business -- that sits on the sidelines awaiting others to assign limitations and restrictions on access to food and dietary supplements is simply acting irresponsibly.  However, if food quality, food safety, sustainable production systems and access to dietary supplements are of little concern to them, then we can understand how "whatever happens, happens" may seem an adequate philosophy for others. 


The topics in the navigation bar to the left list some of the key issues we address on behalf of our customers. Some are global issues, like trade agreements and CODEX rules that require equivalency for genetically modified food. Some are purely political, like the dietitians union wanting to put our Nutritional Health Coaches out of business. Others are as local as can be, like new laws in Colorado and Texas that allow our neighbors to make some foods in their own kitchens to sell to their neighbors. 


We are always interested in hearing from our customers and suppliers about what matters to them. They often are closest to the issue and may hear about it long before we do. 

We realize that political and social advocacy is a process of implementing incremental improvement over time to achieve a better world. One advantage to being nearly sixty years old is that we have seen many great improvements. The other advantage is that we know that falling backward is an ever-present threat. If you see Natural Grocers aggressively pursuing an issue, be assured we have good reason!


And check back here to find out what that reason is.