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By Lisa James

SunglassesLutein/zeaxanthin gives skin and eyes a potent defense against sun damage


When you think of all the positive connotations associated with the word “sunshine”—love, uplift, happiness—it seems a shame that the sun is now mostly known for its role in promoting skin and eye damage. But it’s true; solar ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause skin to look old and wrinkled while also leading to dimmed eyesight. UV has been implicated in skin cancer as well. While the vast majority of cases are relatively benign basal and squamous tumors, more than 62,000 people develop melanoma each year—and more than 11,000 die of it.


The standard advice for ducking UV’s long reach—using sunblock, wearing a floppy hat and eye protection—still stands...

Try this gluten-free, fruity and lemony treat!

By Jack Challem

Diet and HealthIf you’re a sugarholic, you’ve got a very high risk of developing type-2 diabetes.


While the link between diets high in refined sugars and other processed carbohydrates might seem obvious, scientific studies have yielded mixed findings. For this reason, Geoffrey Livesay, PhD, RPHNutr, of Independent Nutrition Logic, in the United Kingdom, and his colleagues decided to analyze 24 studies that investigated high-glycemic-load diets and diabetes risk.


The glycemic load (GL) refers to the effect a meal has on blood sugar. Refined sugars and other carbs are rapidly absorbed, leading to spikes in blood sugar, and are considered high GL. In contrast, high-fiber foods are absorbed slowly and considered low GL.


The 125,000 people in the studies...