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By Lisa James

L-theanine compound found in green teaL-theanine is a tea compound that promotes alertness without the jitters


One reason the reputation of green tea grew to near mythic proportions in ancient Asia was its ability to help monks remain alert yet serene during long hours spent in meditation. Of course, the importance of tea’s caffeine content in promoting wakefulness is well known. But in dissecting the brew’s ability to both soothe and stimulate, scientists have discovered that an amino acid called L-theanine also plays a crucial role. In fact, one tea blogger has called L-theanine a “4,000 year old mind-hack” because of the way it works with caffeine to sharpen focus and improve mental agility while encouraging relaxation.



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By Jack Challem

Omega-3 Fish OilsLife often boils down to a choice, in this case: stay healthy with the help of omega-3 fish oil supplements, or take cholesterol-lowering statin drugs and risk dealing with their side effects.


A new study by Dutch researchers suggests that it’s not wise to take both.


Simone R.B.M. Eussen, PhD, of Utrecht University, The Netherlands, and her colleagues studied 3,740 people who had previously suffered at least one heart attack. The subjects were asked to take either placebos or an omega-3 supplement containing 400 mg of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), plus docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and alpha-linolenic acid (the “parent” molecule of EPA and DHA).


Among people taking statins, omega-3 fish oils provided no additional benefits...