2013 "Eat Well" Challenge

2013 Eat Well Challenge Invitation



Welcome to the “Eat Well” Challenge!

A Natural Grocers quarterly eating challenge to help you on your path to optimal health


We all strive to have optimal health, but what does it take to get there? Where do you start? What should you eat? How will you stay motivated? Sometimes taking baby steps toward any goal is an easy way to stick with it and really make it a part of your life…not just a fad diet that comes and goes.


Natural Grocers and our employees are here to help. And we’ll be traveling the path with you! This quarterly “Eat Well” challenge will help all participates start on the path to optimal health with a few easy steps.


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How the Challenge Works

  1. In the first month of every quarter, we’ll introduce the challenge and help you prepare for it.
  2. The second month of the quarter is the actual challenge.
  3. And the 3rd month is a time for reflection and deciding what worked for you and how you can continue to incorporate it into your daily life.


There’s no need to report back to anyone. It’s completely voluntary. And, in the end, you will be the judge of how you feel and how well this works for you!


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Community Support on Facebook and in our Stores

Natural Grocers, our store employees and our customers will all have the opportunity to support each other through these "Eat Well" challenges by talking in the stores and on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/NaturalGrocers.


We hope you’ll join us!




Join the "Add Coconut Oil" Challenge

November 1- 30

Click the image to learn more!


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