Our Commitment to Nutrition Education

It's amazing how the food we eat directly affects the health of our bodies and our sense of well-being. We want to help you understand how making specific changes to your diet and lifestyle can improve how your body functions.  Whether you prefer to read alone, listen to a presentation, or speak with an expert one-to-one, Natural Grocers has the right learning resource for you.  



Diet Supports Good Health

Here is a list of the learning opportunities we have for you. 

Yes, they're free!


Trained Store Staff.  All of our staff are carefully trained in nutrition topics, and how to help you understand your personal health and wellness needs.  We do not diagnose or treat illnesses, but we can help you understand how your body functions and how certain nutrients may affect it.


Nutrition Library.  Read and print concise documents, handouts, and expert information.  These handouts are available online or ask the Vitamin Department staff in your store for a printed handout.


Reference books.  Our stores provide a reading nook and reference books for  your use when you just need a quick bit of information.  We also sell hundreds of selected quality titles covering many topics.


Nutrition Seminars.  View schedules of local seminars at our stores or  listen to recorded seminars online now.


Cooking Demonstrations.  View schedules of local seminars at our stores or  listen to recorded seminars online now.


Video and Audio Recordings.  Many of our presentations are available as free audio downloads.


"Eating Right" Seminars.  Learn to eat to keep your energy and brain power ready and steady -- the healthy and delicious way. See your local store's class listings.


Nutritional Health Coaches.  Customize your nutrition plan by using the Nutritional Health Coach at your nearest store.


The Natural Grocers Community.   We believe it does in fact take a village to raise a child -- and that every child matures to old age.  Please take advantage of our many wonderful customers and community members who have advice, knowledge, and experience to share with you.  And who knows -- you may be able to return the favor!





To array a man's will against his sickness is the supreme art of medicine.  ~Henry Ward Beecher