Nutrition Library

We have carefully reviewed the available research on the topics covered in our health and nutrition library, then provided readable and understandable summaries for our customers.  In most cases, references and a bibliography are included at the end of each article so you can continue your learning.  Please let us know if you need more information or have questions about these materials.



Knowledge is Empowering.  Sharing nutrition information is part of our core beliefs and Natural Grocers Nutrition Education Programsone of the most powerful reasons so many people shop with us. We also believe that by providing information, we can help empower you to take control of your health and well being. 


We offer carefully selected nutrition and health information that is readable and understandable to the average consumer. You can access these materials by way of store handouts, at our nutrition seminars, and nutritional health coaching sessions.  Just ask -- it's free!


The shelves of our Online Nutrition Library are stocked with handouts that are researched and written by our Nutritional Health Coaches and designed to help you get a quick understanding of ingredients or health topics as well as current scientific knowledge.


Please use our reference library, your health care provider, your Natural Grocers Nutritional Health Coach, and our other trained staff to help you gain greater knowledge about how foods and supplements may affect your health.


Federal regulations and common sense require that nutrition and scientific information be presented to our customers apart from products that contain the ingredients being discussed. In our stores, please ask the staff for a free handout on any topic you are interested in or browse the reference section of our reading nook. The information we provide is not a subtitute for consulting with your health care provider.