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The China Syndrome and Artificial Genetic Mutation

China says no to GMO. If you were the biotech industry trying to infiltrate the largest economy in the world, what would you do? Let's take a look at why the strategies that worked in the United States have backfired in China. And then talk about what this means for the GMO labeling movement back home in the states.   It's not about safety. It's about national sovereignty.   Back in the 1980's when the first artificially mutated plant genomes were created, the marketing teams at the chemical companies put their "safety strategy" in place. Not surprisingly, this frame of reference harkened to their other troublesome products: lead, DDT, PCBs, tobacco and a whole slew of miracle materials that turned out to bear troublesome...
Posted 6 weeks 5 days ago

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Vitamin D May Lower Risk of Developing Uterine Fibroids

Add one more benefit to the many already attributed to vitamin D: it may reduce the risk of uterine fibroids, a type of benign tumor that’s a common cause of infertility and hysterectomy.   Donna Day Baird, PhD, of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Research Triangle Park, N.C., and her colleagues studied the medical records of 1,036 women, ages 35 to 49 years, who had been screened for uterine fibroids. The women also provided blood samples to measure their vitamin D levels.   Using blood levels of 20 ng/ml as the dividing line between deficiency and sufficiency, Baird reported that only 26 percent of the women had normal levels of vitamin D. Women who said they had sun exposure of at least one hour daily were 40 percent less likely to have uterine...
Posted 2 weeks 3 days ago