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Bitoech lobby makes $9 million panic spend to defeat Prop 105 in Colorado

Proposition 105 was defeated in Colorado, but not without a fight from citizen activists from all walks of life.   Biotech industry flacks were forced to spend nearly $18 million in the state to convince enough voters that the proposition was "misleading".  You most likely saw the TV ads. Three big lies, repeated over and over. The international Biotech lobby outspent local Prop 105 proponents by thirty to one!   The untold story is that almost 2 million Coloradans stood strong, stayed educated, and refused to believe the biotech propaganda. Those folks are the great unsung heroes of November 4th!   We doff our caps the the Prop 105 GMO Right to Know Colorado campaign leadership and staff. This was an extraordinary effort. In spite of being outspent from day...
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Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Balanceā€¦ with FOOD!

The season of justified overindulgence is fast approaching—really, when else do you have the excuse to gorge on massive second (or third) helpings, drink your weight in eggnog, and over-satisfy your sweet tooth? Most people worry about putting on a few extra pounds through the holiday season, but even more worrisome is the negative effect that all of this excess eating and drinking has on blood sugar. Chronically elevated blood sugar increases inflammation and the risk of neuropathy, impaired cognitive function, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. [1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6],[7] And new research has shown that the damaging effects of high blood sugar are evident in those with blood glucose levels in the high end of the normal range.[8],[9] Simply put, excess blood sugar is...
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