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We monitor news and research from government agencies, univerities, and private research organizations around the globe.  Please check below for relevant news about new findings and how they affect our understanding of the interplay of diet, nutrition, and supplementation with our physical and mental health.





Scientific Review Points to Dietary Supplement Users Engaging in a Pattern of Healthy Habits

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By Alan P. Lewis Government Affairs, Organic Integrity, Food and Ag Policy | 1 year 6 weeks ago
  Washington, D.C., February 6, 2014—Dietary supplement users take these products as just one component of a larger effort to develop a healthier lifestyle, according to a newly published review in Nutrition Journal, a peer-reviewed scientific publication. The review, “Health Habits and Other Characteristics of Supplement Users” (Nutrition Journal. 2014, 13:14 ), co-authored by Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) consultant Annette Dickinson, Ph.D., and CRN's...

Losing Weight is NOT Just a Matter of Willpower

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By Kim Hightower | 1 year 15 weeks ago
Contrary to popular belief, losing weight is not just a matter of willpower and depriving yourself of foods. More often than not, overeating is related to glucose-tolerance...or blood sugar.   Certain foods cause blood sugar to spike quickly which releases a surge of insulin, a hormone that lowers blood sugar. After years of eating these foods, cells lose their ability to respond to insulin and, thus, manage blood sugar.   Learn more about the link between blood sugar and overweight...

Healthy Digestion on Thanksgiving...or Any Day

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By Kim Hightower | 1 year 16 weeks ago
  Have you ever felt so full and sleepy after your Thanksgiving feast (or any meal) that you just want to roll yourself to the couch and sleep? Or have you felt so bloated that you just needed some alone time? Make today different with these 5 tips for supporting healthy digestion:   Don’t skip breakfast! Even though you are anticipating the large meal to come, be sure to eat a protein-rich breakfast to get the day started right. A protein-rich breakfast can help...

Gluten-Free & Grain-Free Holiday Recipes

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By Kim Hightower | 1 year 17 weeks ago
Your Natural Grocers' Nutritional Health Coaches are proud to present these 10 pages of Gluten-Free and Grain-Free Holiday Recipes to make your planning easy...and more nutritious! Click the image to print it.   Happy Healthy Holidays!     

Annals of Internal Medicine Recognizes Limited Cancer Prevention Benefit for Multivitamins

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By Alan P. Lewis Government Affairs, Organic Integrity, Food and Ag Policy | 1 year 18 weeks ago
Press Release New Report in Annals of Internal Medicine Recognizes Limited Cancer Prevention Benefit for Multivitamins —Safety of multivitamins and calcium supplements reaffirmed—   WASHINGTON, D.C., November 11, 2013—In response to a systematic literature review published today in the Annals of Internal Medicine, “Vitamin and Mineral Supplements in the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer,” funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research...

Lycopene is a Powerful Antioxidant

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By Kim Hightower | 1 year 22 weeks ago
Perhaps you have heard about the antioxidant lycopene? It is the phytochemical that gives tomatoes and many other foods their red-pink hue. Lycopene is a member of the carotenoid family of antioxidants that also includes beta-carotene, lutein, and astaxanthin. But unlike many of its cousins, lycopene cannot be turned into vitamin A, leaving it to shine as a potent antioxidant.   Tomatoes are by far the best food source of lycopene. And cooking tomatoes, such as in a marinara sauce or...

The Case for Organics

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By Kim Hightower | 1 year 23 weeks ago
The organic food sector has seen a growth rate of about 20 percent each year since 2001, but even with this steady growth, much confusion remains when it comes to organic foods.   What makes a food organic? Are organic foods really more nutritious? Are they worth the extra cost?    Take a look at The Case for Organics and at the USDA Organic Standards and Labeling requirements.   Rest assured that Natural Grocers is committed to organics and they will...

Healthy & Delicious Brown Bag Lunch Ideas

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By Kim Hightower | 1 year 31 weeks ago
    When you have a lot to accomplish, fueling up with a healthy lunch can make all the difference in your day. Not only does consuming the right foods enhance concentration, mood and behavior, it also has the ability to pump you up with energy!   Take time to nourish your child (and yourself). With these healthy tips and lunch ideas you can make back-to-school mornings easier and begin to feel the difference that Healthy & Delicious meals can make!     A Healthy...

Eat a Grain-Free Breakfast Every Day

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By Kim Hightower | 1 year 32 weeks ago
Rapper Beth sings and rhymes through the reasons why it's important to eat a grain-free breakfast. You can read more about it below the video and join the 30 day Grain-Free Breakfast Challenge!   Sing along! Cut the grains, they just cause pain. Take the challenge; breakfast balance. Break the chains; defog your brain. Your breakfast will never be lame.   The typical Standard American Diet (SAD) Breakfast is a bowl of cereal with skim milk, a glass of orange juice and a cup...

The Importance of Eating Breakfast

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By Kim Hightower | 1 year 33 weeks ago
Did you eat breakfast today?     Anytime you skip a meal, especially breakfast, the body releases chemical messengers to stimulate the release of stored energy; this may include the breakdown of muscle mass for immediate energy. The body perceives this extended fast as starvation and essentially begins to eat itself to survive the “famine.” Non-essential body functions such as bone building and memory are impaired.   Additionally, this process induces the release...