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The China Syndrome and Artificial Genetic Mutation

China says no to GMO. If you were the biotech industry trying to infiltrate the largest economy in the world, what would you do? Let's take a look at why the strategies that worked in the United States have backfired in China. And then talk about what this means for the GMO labeling movement back home in the states.   It's not about safety. It's about national sovereignty.   Back in the 1980's when the first artificially mutated plant genomes were created, the marketing teams at the chemical companies put their "safety strategy" in place. Not surprisingly, this frame of reference harkened to their other troublesome products: lead, DDT, PCBs, tobacco and a whole slew of miracle materials that turned out to bear troublesome...
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New Research Reveals How Healthy and Unhealthy Foods Affect Our Moods

Many nutrients, such as omega-3 fish oils and B vitamins, are known to enhance mood and reverse depression. Now, a study by a team of New Zealand researchers has shown that eating fruits and vegetables can help “keep the blues away.”   Tamlin S. Conner, PhD, and her colleagues at the University of Otago studied the eating habits of 281 students, whose average age was 20 years. The students kept an internet-based food diary each day for three weeks, while also reporting their consumption of five specific foods and their positive or negative moods.   The foods included fruit, vegetables, chocolate-coated or cream-filled cookies, chips, and cakes or buns. The negative-mood adjectives were depressed, sad, unhappy, anxious, nervous, tense, angry, hostile, and short-...
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