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Colorado GMO Labeling Initiative Makes November Ballot

  Backers of the Right to Know Colorado initiative to label GMO foods, Proposition 105, submitted nearly 125,000 valid signatures to the Colorado Secretary of State – nearly 40,000 more than the 86,105 required – to qualify for the November statewide ballot.   Read Text of Proposition 105 How will Colorado law will be amended? What Related laws will be affected by Prop 105? How will this law be enforced? How can I get get involved? What are the effects on small business?   DENVER (Aug. 21, 2014) – Right to Know Colorado proudly reports the GMO labeling initiative, which helps Coloradans make informed decisions about the foods they choose for their families, will be on the ballot this November...
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No Big Surprise: Eating Sugary Foods Boosts Diabetes Risk

If you’re a sugarholic, you’ve got a very high risk of developing type-2 diabetes.   While the link between diets high in refined sugars and other processed carbohydrates might seem obvious, scientific studies have yielded mixed findings. For this reason, Geoffrey Livesay, PhD, RPHNutr, of Independent Nutrition Logic, in the United Kingdom, and his colleagues decided to analyze 24 studies that investigated high-glycemic-load diets and diabetes risk.   The glycemic load (GL) refers to the effect a meal has on blood sugar. Refined sugars and other carbs are rapidly absorbed, leading to spikes in blood sugar, and are considered high GL. In contrast, high-fiber foods are absorbed slowly and considered low GL.   The 125,000 people in the studies consumed an average...
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