Nutritional Health Coach Program

Let's face it: there is sometimes way too much information out there on healthcare, medicine, nutrition, and wellness to make sense of it all...unless, of course, you have someone to guide you. Most Natural Grocers locations are staffed with a highly trained Nutritional Health Coach™ who offers many services, such as nutritional health coaching, seminars, nutrition handouts, and answering your brief questions in the aisles of our stores -- all for free...always. 



Natural Grocers Nutritional Health Coach Karen FalboNutritional Health Coaching


Our approach is to help you learn how your body works...and how your diet affects how well it works. Our Nutritional Health Coaches have many resources and tools to share with you, whether you are just looking for a good multi-vitamin or considering a makeover of your entire diet. 

One thing we don't have, however, is miracle cures. Good nutrition starts with eating the right foods for your body...and you are the only one who can get that right.  So, feel free to ask for help at any time; helping you feel your best is the number one thing we do.


You can set up 1-hour one-on-one appointments for FREE nutritional health coaching sessions by stopping in or calling your local store. Or ask your questions to our online health coach by using this form and selecting "Ask the Health Coach."





Attend FREE nutrition seminars and cooking demonstrations at a Natural Grocers store near you to learn cutting edge nutrition information from the experts in the field and the experts in Nutritional Health Coaching at Natural Grocers.

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Nutrition Handouts


Ask your store's employees or Nutritional Health Coach for a free nutrition handout on a health or supplement topic of your choice. Or browse through our Online Library by nutrition topic to start learning right away!


Note: "Nutritional Health Coach" is a service mark and trade mark of Vitamin Cottage Natural Food Markets, Inc. describing a unique set of learning resources and programs.