Why YOU need to take action against Colorado House Dietitians Bill HB1060.


Stop the dietitians from monopolizing nutrition services  and censoring your nutrition information.

Why YOU need to take action against Colorado House Bill HB1060.

Take action now! The vote will take place January 30th, 2012.


The American Dietetic Association wants total control over who can provide you with nutrition services and what nutrition information is available.  Legislation in Colorado would prevent anyone but “dietitians” from providing nutrition services:  not naturopaths, not fitness trainers, not weight loss centers, not complementary medical doctors, not chiropractors, not acupuncturists, not herbalists and not your Vitamin Cottage Nutritional Health Coach.  Sound like “big brother” dictating your nutrition and health care choices?  It is.



1.       What the law will do.  HB1060 defines what “dietitians” do and says that only licensed “dietitians” can do it.  HB1060 sets up a board controlled by dietitians who get to say who does and does not get to be licensed in Colorado.  HB allows the “dietitian” board to seek monetary and criminal sanctions against anyone it deems is practicing “dietetics” without a license.  Read the full text of HB1060 here. 



2.       What is “dietetics?”  HB1060 defines the practice of dietetics in the broadest possible way, essentially including all activity that involves the use of food and/or dietary supplements to affect wellness through nutrition.



3.      Why do dietitians want a monopoly on these services?  The leadership of the dietitians union has publicly stated on several occasions that passing licensing laws such as HB1060 is the best way to quash competition and ensure registered dietitians make more money and gain more prestige.



4.      Why does the bill invoke the need to safeguard the public?  The dietitians have not explained their contention that a safety issue exists.  On the contrary, Colorado is the fittest and healthiest state in American now, precisely because so many of its citizens have become well informed about nutrition principles from a multitude of sources. Colorado is one of the few states that does not currently license dietitians.



5.      What happens to other professions if this bill passes?  HB1060 makes it illegal for anyone to practice “dietetics” without a license from the dietitian board unless under the paid supervision of a licensed dietitian.  Your fitness club, weight loss center, complementary doctor, masseur, chiropractor, herbalist, and acupuncturist, among others, will no longer be able to provide nutrition advice without first paying a licensed dietitian to oversee their activities. 



6.      Will I get better nutrition advice if a dietitian is involved?  We certainly don’t think so.  A traditional dietitian’s curriculum trains them to use USDA recommended daily values of foods to create standardized menus for schools, hospitals, and other institutions that match government approved guidelines.  In some instances, they apply American Medical Association guidelines to add or reduce certain ingredients to a diet to help with common health conditions, like reducing salt for hypertension and sugar for diabetics.  While this approach can be helpful in some instances, dietitians are not trained to take into account the universe of particular needs that a unique individual may have, and they have little information beyond food content references for a few nutritional components, such as basic vitamins and minerals. 


7.      Why don’t other professionals using nutrition in their practice just become dietitians?  The dietitians union is supported by the big perpetrators of the industrial food system, including Coca-Cola, Hershey, the National Dairy Council, Mars, PepsiCo, and others.  The dietitians union takes big agriculture government guidelines at face value, promoting large consumption of commodity grains and approving of dangerous trans fats and artificial ingredients in their clients’ diets.  This is not a club most nutrition professionals want to be in.


Take Action Today Against Colorado HB1060

Hurry, the vote will take place January 30th, 2012.