Dietary Supplements

Many people think of dietary supplements as "pills and potions" that have little to do with their health. However, scenitific studies by government agencies, universities and research institutes show over and over that vitamins, minerals, herbs and other dietary supplements have predictable and measurable effects on how well our brains and bodies work. Remember that what's good in supplements is a concentrated form of what's good in food -- all the things your body needs.  Choosing a supplement that's right for you, among all the choices available, can sometimes seem overwhelming.  Be sure to look for guidance in our Nutritional Library or consult a free Nutritional Health Coach.  Be sure to include your heatlh care provider in your nutrition planning if you have a serious health condition or concern.



Half the modern drugs could well be thrown out the window, except that the birds might eat them.  ~Martin H. Fischer



Natural Grocers makes the effort to provide nutrition and supplement information to you so you can make your own informed decisions based on your specific needs. Of course, whenever possible, we recommend our customers get most of their nutrients from a diet based on healthy foods. However, sometimes the body needs extra help from supplements to restore its nutriitional balance or to supply essential nutrients that are difficult to get from food alone.


As for safety, consider that in the most recent US government annual report, dietary supplements were reported as possibly being connected to only 600 adverse health events worldwide, while pharmaceutical drugs were implicated in nearly 400,000 adverse health events, including many deaths. The food and botanical extracts from which dietary supplements are made have been around and in use for a very long time; any that have caused problems are well documented and no longer on the market. 


Natural Grocers has been deeply involved in the public policy debate over access to dietary supplements for nearly 60 years. Margaret Isely, our founder, was a tireless advocate for safe supplements, and helped shape the current regulations that balance government oversight with the freedom (Margaret would say "responsibility") to wisely choose what we eat. You can find extensive policy discussion and resources in the Public Policy section.


Our Vitamin Department carries between 10,000 and 12,000 different products. The department is carefully organized to help both staff and customers find particular products efficiently. Not surprisingly, what comes from providing thorough customer education is, well, educated customers!  Our customers tend to be very discerning and selective, therefore we offer many different formulations and potencies for each type of product.


We realize that it can be a daunting process to choose from such a wide selection, so our vitamin department staff is especially well trained to answer any of your questions or to find someone who can. So don't be afraid to ask, we're here for you!


We have a very strict process for vetting all products sold at Natural Grocers. You can rest assured that all the vitamins or supplements that you choose have been carefully reviewed and meet all of our standards. To learn more, read about "What We Won't Sell and Why".



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