Every Day Affordable Pricing on all our products

We run our business with an eye to keeping everyday prices affordable for the average family.  As we like to say, "It's not healthy food if you can't afford to buy it."   We encourage  you to shop and compare, "Apples to Apples", to see just how affordable we make it to buy natural and organic products. 



We have many kinds of promotional offers.  Here is a review of the most popular deals and how to find them. 


EDAP - Every Day Affordable Price® products have been given long term discounts by the manufacturer so that you can take advantage of these quality products.  Seldom matched by our competitors, these grocery, supplement and body care items tend to be household staples that you depend on. You can shop with us every day and know that our everyday overall prices are consistently affordable.


Health Hotline.  These are volume deals negotiated with manufacturers with all of our savings pass on to you.  Look for Hotline sale signs throughout the store, plus special Hotline sale shelves at the end of many aisles.


In-store Specials.  These are month-long deals on popular products provide through our distributors and suppliers.  Great to stock up on.


Produce Deals.  Check the produce aisle for the best deals on vegetables and produce that are at the peak of the season.  When supply is high, prices drop a bit, and we take advantage of these deals to offer you the lowest prices of the season on our USDA Organic produce.


Managers Specials.  Each store has it's own special deals due to overstocks or special vendor offers.  These can be spectacular deals and are usually good only while supplies last.

Clearance items.  We carefully monitor expiration and use-by dates.  Take advantage of our distress by buying soon-to-expire but perfectly good products at or near cost.  We may also sell discontinued or orphaned items at clearance prices.  Look near+ the back of the store or ask a clerk for the clearance section, and check back often.


Note: we never raise prices prior to putting it on sale to make the deal look better than it is.  Nor do we raise the prices on other products to cover the cost of putting something on sale.  We try to provide everyday affordable prices, not everyday smoke and mirrors!