Submit a Product

If you have a new product that you would like us to carry in our stores, please follow these steps to make the process efficient, enjoyable and speedy. 



First, read our criteria for new product approval for Grocery, Supplements, or Body Care (links at bottom of page) and our short reminder about government oversight.  Ensure that your product fits within these standards.  We seldom -- if ever -- accept a product that would require a waiver from our standards.  Pay particular attention to the source and safety of "hidden" ingredients such as flavorings, fillers, emulsifiers, and preservatives.


Second, review our information about the product review process, the likelihood of success, and the difficulties of getting and maintain shelf space for new products.  Your expectations should be that your product will receive a fair and thorough review and a response, but it may take several months.  If your product is similar to others we already carry, your expectation should be that we will not accept the product.  If this sounds blunt, well, it is.  As a family business ourselves, we feel it is important to be up front about the difficulties of introducing a new product so that our new vendors can make appropriate financial and resource decisions.  We encourage everyone to follow their dreams; just stay realistic about how long it can take those dreams to become reality.


Third, complete the new product submission materials to the appropriate department.  Be thorough, detailed, and complete, otherwise your submission will be returned to you. We will acknowledge your submission and get a response back to you as quickly as possible. 


Supplement Product Criteria and Product Submission Form    

Grocery Criteria and Product Submission Form    

Body Care Product Criteria and Product Submission Form

Fresh Produce Department Submission Requirements

Naturally Raised Dairy Product Questionaire (Draft)

Labeling Requirements for Genetically Modified Ingredients