We are a USDA Certified Organic Food Processor and Handler

Natural Grocers is a USDA certified organic processor and handler

One of the founding principles of Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage is a commitment to quality. It is within this commitment that we sell only USDA certified organic produce -- you will never find conventional produce at any of our stores.  In addition, all of our stores undergo annual auditing and inspection by a USDA accredited organic certifier and receive official status as a USDA Certified Organic Handler.  This ensures the clean, safe, organic food we bring into the store stays that way.



Studies are continually linking pesticide exposure to a myriad of health problems, most recently to ADHD in children. A study published in the journal Pediatrics, and conducted by scientists at Harvard University and the University of Montreal, found that exposure to organophosphate pesticides "at levels common among U.S. children may contribute to ADHD prevalence." The National Academy of Sciences considers food to be the major source of exposure to pesticides for infants and children.


In addition to selling only certified organic produce, all Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage stores are certified as USDA-certified organic handlers. This means that Natural Grocers has proven that it can buy, stock, and sell organic products without ever contaminating them with non-organic chemicals. In order to do this, Natural Grocers only buys produce from USDA-certified organic farms and has separate organic-only totes, coolers, sinks, and racks to store your organic produce.



The certification process and organic handling plans required by the USDA ensure that your organic food stays clean and organic. Each of our stores receives a detailed on-site audit and inspection each year by a USDA-accredited certifying agency to ensure that nothing has been overlooked.


This is how we bring safe, fresh, wholesome organics to you and your family.


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