NPR poll: Americans want genetically modified food labeled
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The survey asked respondents about their awareness of and attitudes towards genetically engineered food. Among those polled, only 25% said they completely understood genetic engineering. More than two-thirds of respondents (69%) said they were aware that genetically engineered foods were currently being sold in stores, but 64% said they are unsure if it is safe.




• 93% of respondents said genetically engineered foods should be labeled.

• 60% said they are willing to eat genetically modified vegetables, fruits, and grains. That number dips to 38% for meat and 35% for fish.

• Awareness of genetically engineered foods increased as income and education levels increased. Only 51% of respondents who earn less than $25,000 said they were aware of genetically engineered foods — compared with 84% of those who earn over $100,000.

• Older respondents are the most willing to eat genetically engineered food. Only 32% of respondents ages 35-64 said they would eat altered fish, compared to 43% of those 65 and over.


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