At Natural Grocers, we don't really consider ourselves a grocery chain. We're more of a corner grocer -- the one who knows you by your first name when you enter the store and even helps you carry your groceries out to your car. And we think it's really important for a business to give back to its community. That's why we support the efforts of non-profit groups in our communities who are involved in the betterment of health and the environment.


We appreciate the work you're doing for others and we're interested in partnering with you to further help our communities. Please select the type of partnership below that you're interested in and let us know more about your mission so we can help you succeed. And, most importantly, thanks for all you do!



Request a Donation or Tabletop Event

Please contact your local Natural Grocers' store for possible partnership opportunities.


Request a Nutrition Presentation

Natural Grocers brings added value to your event by helping to promote a healthy lifestyle and well being. We offer free nutritional-based information to support the people in our communities to feel their best. At your event, we can provide a 20-60 minute complimentary presentation by one of our professionally trained Nutritional Health Coaches (NHCs) on a health or nutrition topic that is specifically fitted to your event.


Please contact the Nutritional Health Coach at your store to request a nutrition presentation at your event. Here is the list of store phone numbers.


Request Outdated Supplements Donation (To be used by a non-profit or charitable organization.) Groups or individuals who will be traveling to natural disaster sites around the world can request outdated supplements to transport and dispense to the survivors. 


Request Event Hall Meeting Space

We invite non-profit groups to use our event hall space free of charge for health and environment-related meetings. Click to request a specific date and location.


Request produce scraps for local animal groups. Great news! There's no form to fill out for this one. Just talk to your store's manager regarding availability.



Natural Grocers Major Community Partners 



We have many community partners for our humanitarian work and fundraising.  Please learn more about the activities of these fine organizations by clicking their web sites using the links below, or reading our Community News.


Families First provides sFamilies First Logoervices which strengthen families, empower parents, nurture children, and end the cycle of child abuse and neglect. Offering a family support line, Circle of Parents support groups, parent education classes, and residential treatment. Get involved today and support Families First.


Second Wind Fund logoThe Second Wind Fund exists to decrease the incidence of teen suicide by removing financial and social barriers to treatment for at-risk youth. Learn how you can help prevent teen suicide in your community.  Natural Grocers is a Nationwide Sponsor and founding partner of SWF.


Vitamin Angels.jpgVitamin Angels' goal is to reduce child mortality worldwide by connecting them with essential nutrients, especially vitamin A. Essential nutrients enable young immune systems to fight infectious diseases, helping children attain good health and the opportunity to lead meaningful and productive live. Find out ways that you can help this organization in their fight against infant and child mortality.





Colorado Public Radio.jpgNatural Grocers is proud to announce its support in 2010 for Colorado Public Radio.  Public broadcasting exists to provide coverage of interests and points of view which are missing in some markets.  These support dollars bring commentaries and attention to important community organizations such as teen suicide prevention groups and child abuse prevention organizations. Informed audiences contribute to improving our society and strengthening our communities.


food bank of the rockies logoThe Food Bank of the Rockies supplies more than 1,100 hunger-relief programs providing more than 56,000 meals each day to children, seniors and families in need. Their programs address the specific problem of hunger which impacts people's physical, mental, and social growth. The Food Bank of the Rockies relies on donations of funds and food...and volunteerism.



Learn how you can help donate to food banks in the communities around our stores simply by bringing in your own bags when you shop with us. Find the food bank that we donate to in your area from our list of participating food banks.



Natural Grocers partners with Habitat for Humanity to build Boulder Colorado HomeHabitat for Humanity.   Natural Grocers worked with the Boulder, Colorado chapter of Habitat for Humanity to fully fund the construction of a new single family home.  We also provided several full days of labor from our employees to help complete the project.