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Monsanto Spokemen Call for End of Organic. "It makes us look bad."

Requiring "Produced With Genetic Engineering"  on labels will unfairly stigmatize GM crops and food processed from GM ingredients.   -- Krista Kafer, Independence Institute.   We continue to see this claim from the biotech public relations flacks who have been hired by Dow, Monsanto and Syngenta to defeat Prop 105 in Colorado. Their aim is to convince Colorado voters to reject labeling seeds, crops and food in the supply chain to maintain its identity all the way to your kitchen table. The crass calculation behind this claim deserves some scrutiny.   You can imagine the suits sitting around a luxurious conference room at the Monsanto headquarters in St. Louis, thoughtful faces asking "how can we fool these pesky Coloradoans?" (Hopefully...
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Bullying Can Lead to Suicide. Donate at Natural Grocers to Help Prevent Suicide.

  Joe Bell, father of Jayden who took his own life at 15, is walking from Oregon to New York to bring awareness to suicide and its link to bullying. Joe says bullying comes from not accepting people for who they are. He is educating people on acceptance throughout his walk and helping to raise money for support groups dealing with bullying and suicide prevention.   Richard Everleigh from the nationwide suicide prevention network, Second Wind Fund, tells us that help is possible. Their centers are focused on helping those who are considering suicide to overcome any problems they are facing.   Natural Grocers is matching suicide prevention donations (up to $15,000) made at all of our stores during August and September. All money is donated to local suicide prevention groups...
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