Posted 08/28/15

4 Foods for Clear, Healthy Skin

by Lani Jacobs-Banner Have you ever heard that eating chocolate causes or worsens acne? While you may have thought this is just an old wives’ tale, studies have shown that diet plays a big role in skin health. Instinctively it makes sense that eating clean foods supports clear skin, while eating...

Posted 08/17/15

Another Piece of the Fructose Pie

New Research Alert by Jonathan Clinthorne Sugar used to be considered a delicacy, a treat that was enjoyed only occasionally. But with the advent of the processed foods industry, sugar made its way into every nook and cranny of our food supply, and now it’s so ubiquitous that we’re often...

Posted 08/6/15

Celiac Disease – Centuries Old

by Jonathan Clinthorne You’ve probably heard of gluten free or a gluten-free diet, but what is gluten? And why would you want to avoid it? Where did gluten come from and why is it only in the last decade that gluten-free has gained prominence? Gluten or Gliadin? Gluten is a...