Posted 01/25/16

10 Minutes of Meditation that is Right for YOU

By Heather Pratt, MNT, BCHN This month we’ve been focusing on how to build healthy habits in 10 minutes or less. So far we’ve covered 6 healthy habits that take 10 minutes or less, quick diet upgrades, and how to hit your fitness goals in 10 minutes or less. Today...

Posted 01/19/16

How to Hit Your Fitness Goals in 10 Minutes or Less!

By Trevor Bennion Exercise is amazingly healthy. Not only can exercise strengthen your muscles, but the more you do it, things like your nerves become better at controlling your movement, and subsequently you’ll begin to support long-term nervous system and even brain health. Similarly, your hormones, immune system, metabolism, and...

Posted 01/12/16

Upgrade Your Diet in 10 Minutes or Less!

by Lani Jacobs-Banner With work demands, family responsibilities, and the need for some downtime, some days just seem to have too little time to allow for healthy eating. But the reality is that even on our busiest days, we can prioritize nutrition with some quick tweaks to family favorites. This month...

Posted 01/4/16

Healthy Habits in 10 Minutes or Less

by Jonathan Clinthorne Have you made a health goal that you would really like to achieve as part of your New Year’s resolutions? Here at Natural Grocers we know the importance of setting goals and our last blog post, Setting the Right Resolutions for 2016, shared some wonderful tips on...