Posted 02/28/16

3 Easy Ways to Get Your Family Fit Again

By Trevor Bennion I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that physical activity rates continue to decline year over year, and the national obesity epidemic is on the rise[1],[2],[3]. Not only is it urgent for all adults to adopt a physically active lifestyle, but increasing evidence suggests that our kids...

Posted 02/22/16

Follow Your Heart … All the Way to the Gym!

By Trevor Bennion Our bodies are meant to move. With today’s busy schedules, it can be difficult to make time and find the motivation to maintain the fitness our bodies crave. While ignoring physical activity might seem innocent enough, it is actually one of the most dangerous health risks we...

Posted 02/16/16

CoQurious About Heart Health?

by Jonathan Clinthorne February is National Heart Health Month, and what better way to celebrate heart health than to highlight some of the most interesting new research being published about a very important nutrient for heart health—Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). The first study I want to highlight is from 2014, but...

Posted 02/9/16

Recipes for Romance

by Lani Jacobs-Banner Recently I found myself dreading Valentine’s Day. Between the near impossibility of finding a babysitter, getting a dinner reservation at a decent restaurant, finding a meaningful gift and rationalizing the cost of all of this, I felt like throwing my hands up and ignoring the holiday altogether! As...

Posted 02/2/16

Is Your Chocolate Fair?

By Heather Pratt, MNT, BCHN Even though we don’t tend to think of it as such, chocolate is a luxury item that is very labor and environmentally intensive to grow World demand for chocolate has increased the pressure on manufacturers to produce more and more chocolate at ever cheaper prices...