Posted 03/30/16

Unique Uses for Easter’s Hard-Boiled Eggs–Let’s Get Crackin’!

by Lani Jacobs-Banner Spring is in the air and the Easter bunny has come and gone, leaving a refrigerator full of hard-boiled eggs behind. Choosing between candy-filled plastic eggs and dyed hard-boiled eggs is a nutritional no-brainer! Now, with the fun of the hunt behind us, I have dozens of hard-boiled...

Posted 03/22/16

The Most Egg-cellent Eggs

by Jonathan Clinthorne Eggs are a wonderfully dense source of nutrition and an extremely versatile food source. You can use eggs to make a quiche, frittata, or omelet, and you can alsohard-boil eggs,poach eggs, or scramble eggs. In fact, fried eggs can be found in all sorts of foods, such...

Posted 03/15/16

Resistant Starch May Just Help You Resist Those Sugar Cravings

by Jonathan Clinthorne Resistant starch is a topic that is making waves in various health and nutrition communities, especially in the weight-loss sphere. Bicycling magazine recently published an article about this unique starch; meanwhile, paleo and primal health experts have also promoted resistant starch due to its unique effects on...

Posted 03/7/16

4 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know Vitamin D Could Do For You

By Heather Pratt, MNT, BCHN You hear a lot about vitamin D these days. It seems like every time you turn around there is a new study connecting it to some additional health benefit. Vitamin D is the darling of the nutrition world and with good reason—it is essential for...