Posted 04/26/16

8 Unique Dairy Recipes

by Lani Jacobs-Banner My family and I love the creamy mouthfeel and distinct flavors in both sweet and savory recipes that call for butter, sour cream, cheese, or any other dairy product. I get even more enjoyment when I know the dairy products I am cooking with and feeding to my...

Posted 04/19/16

Your Food Choices Could Help Save the Planet

by Jonathan Clinthorne What if you could make one small change, one decision that has the power to sequester Co2, reverse desertification, and, thus, positively—and dramatically—impact the economy and the environment? Grazing lands represent the largest and most diverse land resource in the world. More than half of the world’s...

Posted 04/12/16

Sustainability and Our Food Supply

by Jonathan Clinthorne It is a fact that our current industrial model of agriculture is not only producing food that is not as healthy as it should be but is also destroying the environment. Recently published research examines how different dietary paradigms relate to energy use, land use, and greenhouse...

Posted 04/8/16

Natural Grocers Does Not Sell, Nor Will We Ever Sell Oxilofine

A recent publication from the lab of Dr. Pieter Cohen has revealed that certain sports nutrition supplements contain the pharmaceutical oxilofrine.[1] This drug, also known as methylsynephrine has been used by unscrupulous makers of sports nutrition products despite the fact that it is illegal to include any pharmaceutical drugs in...