Posted 05/31/16

More Energy for More Summer Fun

By Heather Pratt, MNT, BCHN The long days of summer tend to mean more—more picnics, more gatherings, more gardening, more biking, more days at the pool, more camping trips and generally more fun—and all on top of your already full schedule. Looks like you’re going to need more energy this...

Posted 05/24/16

Just Say “NO!” to Endocrine Disruptors in Your Sunscreens

By Heather Pratt, MNT, BCHN Last year, Natural Grocers made the decision to stop carrying sunscreen products that use chemical sunscreens. That’s why you’ll no longer see any products on our shelves with ingredients like oxybenzone, octinoxate, and homosalate. This decision was prompted largely by the fact that many chemical-based...

Posted 05/16/16

Research Alert: Calcium Supplements, Are They Safe?

by Jonathan Clinthorne Seeing how calcium supplements are one of the most commonly consumed dietary supplements in the United States, I have some very good news: recent studies confirm that calcium supplements are incredibly safe. Why is this even newsworthy? Well, interestingly enough, there have been occasional questions raised about...

Posted 05/9/16

Turmeric with a Twist!

By Trevor Bennion Turmeric does amazing things for our immune system, brain health, and muscle tissue. Its primary ingredient, curcumin, is largely responsible for most of turmeric’s health benefits. Research has shown that curcumin can help modulate inflammation throughout the body, help to manage a healthy body composition and metabolic...