Posted 12/27/16

Top Ten Nutrition Trends for 2017

Mocktails, healthy fats and grassfed everything: 10 ways to live the good4u lifestyle in 2017   by Jonathan Clinthorne, PhD Natural Grocers talked to a panel of the company’s category managers, nutrition experts, and editorial staff to find out what trends to expect in nutrition and health for the upcoming...

Posted 12/21/16

Have the Holidays Derailed Your Digestion?

by Jonathan Clinthorne, PhD We’re in the middle of the holiday season and it’s a time of celebration, happiness and togetherness, but also a time where people often indulge and happen to suffer a little digestive discomfort. Top that with the fact that you are likely eating foods that you...

Posted 12/14/16

7 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Mood

by Lani Jacobs-Banner About a month ago I noticed the first festive lights go up in my neighborhood and I realized that the holidays were right around the corner. In the coming weeks, our relaxed family weekends would be replaced with events and parties, and the overscheduled, emotionally demanding season...