Posted 07/31/18

Voluntary Recall: Santevia Shower Filter

SANTEVIA Water Systems is voluntarily recalling their Shower Filter due to a manufacturing change that has caused the seam of the shower filter to detach. This can cause the shell of the shower filter to fall apart and spill the contents. Consumers who have purchased this product between January 2018 –...

Posted 07/26/18

Voluntary Recall: Avalon Organics®

Avalon Organics® is recalling their Refreshing Lemon Bath & Shower Gel 12 fl. oz. and Avalon Organics® Nourishing Lavender Bath & Shower Gel 32 fl. oz. due to the product potentially having elevated levels of bacteria. UPC: 6 54749 35185 7 Product Description: Avalon Organics® Refreshing Lemon Bath & Shower Gel 12 fl....

Posted 07/23/18

Voluntary Recall: King Bio

King Bio Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Aquaflora Candida HP9, Lymph Detox, and Baby Teething Liquids Due to Microbial Contamination UPC 357955506324 KB Lymph Detox 2 oz Lot#010118BE UPC 357955501824 KB Teething Relief 2 oz Lot#020118F UPC 357955800187 AQF Aqua Flora High Potency 9 8 oz Lot#01017G,102017C,111417C, and 120217R

Posted 07/17/18

Voluntary Recall: Odwalla Superfood (U.S.)

The Coca-Cola Company is voluntarily recalling a limited quantity of Odwalla Superfood packaged in single-serve 15.2-oz. bottles. This product does not meet our high-quality standards due to the potential presence of foreign matter in a specific ingredient used in this product. We are taking this voluntary action because nothing is...

Posted 07/12/18

Voluntary Recall: Thunderbird

Thunderbird is voluntarily recalling the products listed below because of an audit of processing records, the process control points did not reach set temperature requirements.   Pecan Goji Pistachio Bar UPC 858284002377 Lot Code 185800 Best By: 3/3/2019   ThunderKids Apple Pie Bars UPC 859392005076 Lot Code 185500 Best By:...