21 Days to a Healthier You

Experience more vibrant and optimal health in just 21 days


A 3-Step Journey

It’s as easy as attending a 3-class series led by our Nutritional Health Coaches (NHCs). Then turn education into action with a 7-day challenge following each class.

Looking to experience more mental clarity, healthy energy levels, a healthy body composition, a positive mood, digestive health, skin health, and more? Join us as we kick off our 21 Days to a Healthier You program. In week one, we’ll cover the first step to experiencing more vibrant and optimal health, which entails eating for health and vitality. Our Nutritional Health Coaches will unpack what healthy eating really means, providing you with the foundational principles of building balanced and delicious meals. Then, you’ll put it into practice by participating in a 7-day challenge of eating to the Natural Grocers Healthy Meal Wheel. You’ll also discover how to read food labels, foundational supplements that complement a healthy diet, and the importance of stress management and getting active.

Challenge: Eat to the Healthy Meal Wheel

Our blood sugar levels throughout the day and over time have a major impact on our health. Fortunately, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels can be easily achieved through our diet, lifestyle, and supplements. In week two of our 21 Days to A Healthier You series, you will learn the many ways blood sugar impacts your health and learn the steps necessary to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. At the end of this class, we’ll turn education into action by participating in a 7-day challenge where you’ll remove added sugars from your diet to support increased energy, a positive mood, better sleep, and help you kiss cravings goodbye!

Challenge: Avoid Added Sugars

We live in a polluted world, made up of some 80,000 chemicals, most of which did not exist 70 years ago. While there’s no way to completely escape these chemicals, we do have two options. One, reduce our exposure. Two, enhance our bodies’ ability to detoxify them. Now that we’ve learned how to eat for health and vitality and kicked sugar cravings, week three of the series concludes with discovering the benefits of daily detoxification. You’ll discover how to reduce your toxic burden by participating in a final 7-day challenge to detoxify your body and environment.

Challenge: Detoxify Your Home & Body

Ready to experience more vibrant and optimal health in just 21 days?

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Please note:

  • If you are unable to attend a class with an NHC, check back here each Wednesday, starting January 26, at 6 pm MT for a virtual offering of that week’s class.  
  • Not all stores are able to conduct classes due to NHC unavailability
  • Classes are designed to be taken as a complete series
  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some stores are only offering the series virtually
  • For in-store classes space is limited

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