Thanks For A Wonderful Earth Week

Happy Earth Week Friday to you, our Natural Grocers family—our neighbors and our crew! As we wind down a week of celebrating Earth Day’s 50th birthday and the actions we take to love on our planet every day, we have some weekend wishes to pass along.

    May you feel the warmth of sunshine on your face, of family and friends who love you and of the interconnectedness we all share, especially during these social-distancing times. May you find inspiration in morning light filtering through the leaves, in birdsong outside your window, in the lazy ambiance of a Saturday afternoon. May you nurture your heart with art, music, science—with things that give you hope, and your health with delicious, organic food grown to be nutrient-dense, climate caring, and immune-supporting. And, if you can’t relax this weekend because you’re showing up to care for your communities—our gratitude cannot be adequately expressed in words, so a simple THANK YOU must suffice!


    Our final wish, this Earth Week Friday, is to remember how much of an impact we all have. Because when we each take one small step, day after day, the future becomes exponentially brighter. Today we’re asking you to take the 3rd annual Ladybug Love Pledge, whether for the first time or for the 3rd time, and when you do (until May 31st), we will donate $1 to local food banks (up to $25,000). Also, don’t forget that you can purchase a Ladybug Zip Pouch reusable bag (machine washable, air dry only)  in stores for $1.99, and we will be donating $1 for every purchase to food banks through the end of April. From our family to all of you—let’s do what families do, take care of each other, and the place we live too! 


    To Date Natural Grocers Has Saved 360 Million Bags From Ending up in Landfills

    360 million! What is this quite big, very large number, you ask? At Natural Grocers, we call it: impact. We call it being ahead of the curve since going bagless at our checkouts on Earth Day 2009. We call it an estimated 360 million single-use plastic bags that haven‘t ended up in landfills, where they hang around for another 500 years before degrading into still-polluting microplastics. Plus, when we eliminated disposable bags at our registers, we gave our neighbors another way to make an impact. Every time you bring reusable bags back to Natural Grocers, we donate five cents to local food banks. We’ve been doing this since we went bagless, which means between us, we’ve helped supply more than 4 million meals to neighbors in need. You reuse, we donate—together, we make a positive impact on the planet and our neighborhoods! Now, with so many experiencing hardship during the pandemic—it’s become more critical than ever to help our communities have access to healthy food, so please keep bringing your reusable bags, and ALWAYS remember to wash them first. (See below for our sanitation policies regarding COVID-19 and reusable bags).


    Of course, we never like to sit back and say we’ve done enough, because that doesn’t work for our planet, and it doesn’t work for us. So, this year, we upgraded our 100% organic produce departments in super-cool, earth-loving fashion. We replaced single-use plastic produce bags with certified compostable, non-GMO Project Verified BioBags®. They work better for you and your garden, too, by keeping your produce fresher (because they “breathe”—allowing moisture to evaporate), and you can compost them in your own backyard!  If you still prefer paper—we keep our produce departments stocked with paper bags made from 100% recycled materials that are also compostable. 


    In honor of Earth Week, we’re grateful to celebrate this life-giving, incredible planet of ours, and the quite big, very large impact we can make together through our everyday actions. Thank you to our neighbors and crew for joining with us to help regenerate the earth for future generations!



    • EXTRA SANITATION: Cashier stands are cleaned EVERY time a customer places their personal property on them, whether it be a reusable bag, a purse, a lunch box, or a wallet.
    • REDUCED CONTACT: All customers are asked to bag or box their groceries to reduce human-to-human contact.
    • NO EVIDENCE: There is no evidence suggesting that reusable bags are more likely to spread the virus and no specific guidance regarding reusable bags from the CDC or the FDA at this time.
    • FOOD BANKS BENEFIT TOO: Don’t forget that every time you bring your bags, we donate 5 cents to local food banks.


    Take the Ladybug Love Pledge

    Happy Earth Day, everyone! Today marks the 50th anniversary of the world's largest civic event, and in celebration, we're asking you to take a small step towards big, planet-loving change. And, you don't even have to get out of your quarantine sweats to do it! Let's take the Ladybug Love Pledge—either for the first time or by renewing it for the year-after-year time. By taking the pledge, each one of us will commit never to use chemicals that harm ladybugs and other beneficial insects on our lawns, gardens and around our homes, because these helpful creatures play a crucial role in the stability of our food supply. We will commit to supporting 100% organic produce, and by doing so, we will advance sustainable and regenerative farming practices, and say NO to the widespread use of Glyphosate and other planet-harming pesticides. This year, by taking the pledge, you can make a difference in your community, too, for those facing food insecurity during this crisis. Natural Grocers will donate $1 to local food banks for every Ladybug Love Pledge made between April 21st and May 31st, whether you're taking it for the first time or renewing from years past.  (Gift card donations will match up to a maximum of $25,000).


    So let’s reach out, from the comfort of our homes, and celebrate the impact, resilience, and hope that gains momentum when each of us takes one small step to make a bigger difference, together. That’s what Earth Day is all about. #LadybugLovePledge


    P.S. Don’t forget to pick up your healthy grocery haul today, April 22nd, and grab your free, limited edition Ladybug Love reusable bag with purchase.* And if you’re still wearing those quarantine sweats - no judgment, we promise!

    P.P.S When you bring your one-of-a-kind reusable bag back for grocery refills, don’t forget to wash it first!

    *Receive one free reusable bag with purchase April 22nd only. No rain checks.


    Every Day is Earth Day at Natural Grocers

    We say every day is Earth Day at Natural Grocers because that’s how we DO every day! Every bite of food we take has an impact. Every mouthful either supports sustainability, regeneration, and health, or it doesn’t; the choice is ours. At Natural Grocers, we choose nutrient-dense food, grown without synthetic chemicals, and free of artificial additives. We choose food that advances sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices, sourced from producers who share our commitment to the Earth. We choose not to compromise our product standards, because they are the foundation on which we build a sustainable food system that supports human health and economic viability. It’s the reason we go all-in on our requirements for your everyday staples including:

    • 100% Organic Produce: USDA Certified and nothing less, always. We’re also certified organic food handlers to guarantee the integrity of your fruits and veggies from farm to basket to table.
    • 100% Pasture-Based Dairy: We wish other grocery stores would join us in this regenerative mandate, but to our knowledge, we’re the only one who has committed.  
    • 100% Free-Range Eggs: We’re way beyond cage free—we’ve opened the barn doors!
    • 100% Humanely and Sustainably Raised Meats: No antibiotics, hormones, or other growth promoters because it’s the humane and sustainable way to omnivore. 
    • Non-GMO and Organic Pre-Packaged Bulk: Bulk prices pre-packaged for you, it’s the freshest, most sanitary way to go. With more than 60% organic and 100% non-GMO options, every choice is Earth friendly.


    These are just some of the uncompromising standards we’ve established to nurture the wellbeing of our planet. In all our departments, we demand transparency and authenticity, we prioritize organic and non-GMO, and we never allow the Things We Don’t Carry and Why. We make these choices to ensure our neighbors have access to healthy, sustainable, and regenerative products at our Always AffordableSM Prices. We do it because when it comes to the wellbeing of our planet, every bite has an impact. Join us in making Earth Day how you DO every day!


    Missing media.

    It's time for the official celebration of our everyday way of doing things at Natural Grocers, which means it's time to say—Happy 50th Birthday, Earth Day! There's never been a moment in our history as your healthy neighborhood grocer when it's more critical that everyone has access to nutritious food! So, we're honoring Earth Day this year by donating over $50,000 in gift cards to our local food banks in the communities where our stores are located.


    Creating a regenerating and sustainable food system is the heartbeat of our mission at Natural Grocers, and ensuring that the highest quality food is affordably priced and available to everyone is the passion that keeps us going. This is why we carry only certified organic produce, free-range eggs, pasture-based dairy and humanely raised and sustainably sourced meat and seafood. It is why our bulk repackaged products are non-GMO or 100% organic and by definition naturally non-GMO and all the food on our shelves is free from artificial preservatives, colors, sweeteners, flavors and hydrogenated oils.  And it is why these better for you and better for the planet foods are priced to make them Always Affordable.


    Now, more than ever, we need food that’s free of toxic chemicals that deplete health and we need food packed with immune-supporting nutrients that support it. We need food that nurtures and regenerates our planet, because it will nourish us through this crisis and will help build a brighter, more sustainable future for our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and all the generations to come.


    As so many of our neighbors are facing unprecedented challenges during this crisis, we want to do everything we can to put food that supports wellbeing on every plate. We believe this is the best way to honor Earth Day, on its fiftieth birthday, because the health of humanity and the health of our planet are inextricably linked, and it starts with our food supply.


    P.S. You can help put food on your neighbors' plates this Earth Day too—for every $1.99 reusable ladybug zip bag purchased through the end of April we're donating $1 to local food banks. Just remember to wash your reusable bags after each shopping trip to keep them clean.