Posted 08/3/18

Product Recall: Almond Breeze Vanilla Almond Milk

Almond Breeze Vanilla Almond Milk 64 OZ is being RECALLED due to possible dairy milk contamination not stated on label. This could be a serious health risk for those allergic to dairy products. This recall effects UPC 041570056219 / Use by date: September 2, 2018 & Lot Code: H5 L1...

Posted 07/31/18

Voluntary Recall: Santevia Shower Filter

SANTEVIA Water Systems is voluntarily recalling their Shower Filter due to a manufacturing change that has caused the seam of the shower filter to detach. This can cause the shell of the shower filter to fall apart and spill the contents. Consumers who have purchased this product between January 2018 –...

Posted 07/12/18

Voluntary Recall: Thunderbird

Thunderbird is voluntarily recalling the products listed below because of an audit of processing records, the process control points did not reach set temperature requirements.   Pecan Goji Pistachio Bar UPC 858284002377 Lot Code 185800 Best By: 3/3/2019   ThunderKids Apple Pie Bars UPC 859392005076 Lot Code 185500 Best By:...

Posted 05/24/18

Voluntary Recall: Castor and Pollux Good Buddy Treats

Castor and Pollux is initiating a voluntary recall of a beef dog treat due to the potential that they contain elevated levels of a naturally-occurring beef thyroid hormone. Please return them to this store for full credit. UPC 780872510806 and 780872510745

Posted 04/19/18

Voluntary Recall: K9 Naturals Frozen Pet Food

K9 Natural Ltd is voluntarily recalling three batches of the K9 Natural Frozen Chicken 11lb bags because they have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. Batch number #150517 Batch number #160517 Batch number #170517

Posted 04/9/18

Voluntary Recall: Bob’s Red Mill Organic Amaranth Flour

  Out of an abundance of caution we are alerting you of a voluntary recall of the following Bob’s Red Mill product: Item name: Organic Amaranth Flour Item number: 6001C224 Net Wt: 22 oz. Lot code: 169617 Best by/Expiration date: 11/26/2015 UPC: 0 39978 00911 This recall has been initiated...

Posted 03/23/18

Product Recall: King Arthur Coconut Flour – Salmonella contaminated **

King Arthur Flour is recalling their 16 OZ Coconut Flour due to the contamination of Salmonella bacteria including the following UPC & ‘Best By’ dates: UPC 71012107025 Best By 10/25/2018 & 12/04/2018 with Lot #: CF22017E **Consumption of this product may cause serious illness resulting in fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting,...

Posted 03/23/18

Voluntary Product Recall: Ripple 48oz Dairy Free Choc Milk

Ripple Foods is recalling its Ripple Dairy Free Chocolate Milk ‑ 48oz  with UPC  8 55643 00607 6 LOT # YF17348 & YF17349 and Best before Date 2018/04/13 & 2018/04/14 due to due to possible spoilage. There is not a health issue.

Posted 03/20/18

Recall: Santa Cruz Fruit Spreads

The J.M. Smucker Company is initiating a voluntary class III recall of specific lots of fruit spreads from the Santa Cruz Organic® brand due to a nutritional labeling issue. The product is safe to consume. No other Santa Cruz Organic® products are impacted. It is being recalled because of a...

Posted 03/19/18

Recall: Natural Grocers Coconut Smiles

Natural Grocers is recalling all pack dates of NATURAL GROCERS COCONUT SMILES ORGANIC with UPC 8034810 The recall is being issued after product tested positive for the presence Salmonella. Consumption of products containing Salmonella can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with...