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Posted 01/25/16

10 Minutes of Meditation that is Right for YOU

By Heather Pratt, MNT, BCHN This month we’ve been focusing on how to build healthy habits in 10 minutes or less. So far we’ve covered 6 healthy habits that take 10 minutes or less, quick diet upgrades, and how to hit your fitness goals in 10 minutes or less. Today...

Posted 01/12/16

Upgrade Your Diet in 10 Minutes or Less!

by Lani Jacobs-Banner With work demands, family responsibilities, and the need for some downtime, some days just seem to have too little time to allow for healthy eating. But the reality is that even on our busiest days, we can prioritize nutrition with some quick tweaks to family favorites. This month...

Posted 11/30/15

Decadent Desserts for the Holidays – Without the Guilt!

by Lani Jacobs-Banner Full disclosure - I love dessert. While I know all the various ways that too much sugar can do a person in, I still accept that scoop of ice cream or slice of gluten free cake when it is offered, and I enjoy every bite! To prepare for...

Posted 11/19/15

Five Things Every Woman Should Know About Magnesium

By Heather Pratt, MNT, BCHN Magnesium always seems to play second fiddle to the more popular mineral calcium, yet magnesium is involved in hundreds of essential metabolic reactions. Without magnesium your body couldn’t produce energy or build bone, you wouldn’t be able to regulate your blood sugar, and your muscles...

Posted 11/10/15

Why Meat Quality Matters

by Jonathan Clinthorne I first heard the term “antibiotic resistance” almost a decade ago in a microbiology class. At the time, my professor talked about the overuse and improper use of antibiotics for viral infections or non-serious cases of the common cold and how this was contributing to the growing...

Posted 10/22/15

5 Simple Ways to Stop the Winter Blues Before They Start

By Heather Pratt, MNT, BCHN I really love the fall. But fall brings with it something I don’t love so much—darkness! As we move closer and closer to the Winter Solstice and the days get shorter and shorter, I notice my mood getting progressively lower. I’m not alone either: fourteen...

Posted 10/19/15

7 Secrets to Hosting a GMO Free Thanksgiving

by Lani Jacobs-Banner October is non-GMO month, and we are excited to be a 2015 retail participant! Genetically modified foods pose a very real risk to human health and the environment, and they are in the vast majority of products available at conventional grocery stores, so educating consumers about how to...

Posted 10/2/15

Boo! Make It a Healthy Halloween

by Lani Jacobs-Banner My mother-in-law’s favorite holiday has always been Halloween. At her house, Halloween was a full evening event composed of a dinner party with her children’s friends, and then group trick-or-treating. She loved helping dress up her children and then handing out candy to the neighborhood. Afterward, the kids...

Posted 09/29/15

Fall Foods for a Healthy Winter

By Heather Pratt, MNT, BCHN Fall is in the air and you’ve likely started bringing out the sweaters and scarves in your wardrobe to support your body during the transition. But have you started changing out your diet yet? Just like flip-flops and tank tops won’t cut it as we...

Posted 08/28/15

4 Foods for Clear, Healthy Skin

by Lani Jacobs-Banner Have you ever heard that eating chocolate causes or worsens acne? While you may have thought this is just an old wives’ tale, studies have shown that diet plays a big role in skin health. Instinctively it makes sense that eating clean foods supports clear skin, while eating...