Healthy Planet

Posted 10/11/16

Introducing Natural Grocers’ Free-Range Egg Standard

While the current trend in eggs is cage-free, we’ve been there and done that since 1955. But at Natural Grocers we are always raising standards and are proud to announce that all of the eggs we sell are at least Free Range—think cage free on steroids (well, not literal steroids...

Posted 09/15/16

The True Cost of Conventional Agriculture

by Jonathan Clinthorne, PhD It’s true, organic food is often more expensive when compared with its non-organic counterparts in the supermarket. In fact, despite being a foodie and an organic advocate, sometimes when I am shopping and see the price of an item I think, “wow, that is just too...

Posted 08/24/16

Organic Myth Busting

by Jonathan Clinthorne, PhD The category of organic has become hugely popular in the last several years. This is great news—organic agriculture is good4 human health, the health of the planet and good4 the economy. At Natural Grocers we are proud to carry only 100% organic produce. This means no...

Posted 04/19/16

Your Food Choices Could Help Save the Planet

by Jonathan Clinthorne What if you could make one small change, one decision that has the power to sequester Co2, reverse desertification, and, thus, positively—and dramatically—impact the economy and the environment? Grazing lands represent the largest and most diverse land resource in the world. More than half of the world’s...

Posted 04/12/16

Sustainability and Our Food Supply

by Jonathan Clinthorne It is a fact that our current industrial model of agriculture is not only producing food that is not as healthy as it should be but is also destroying the environment. Recently published research examines how different dietary paradigms relate to energy use, land use, and greenhouse...

Posted 03/22/16

The Most Egg-cellent Eggs

by Jonathan Clinthorne Eggs are a wonderfully dense source of nutrition and an extremely versatile food source. You can use eggs to make a quiche, frittata, or omelet, and you can alsohard-boil eggs,poach eggs, or scramble eggs. In fact, fried eggs can be found in all sorts of foods, such...

Posted 07/13/15

A Story of the Birds and the Bees

by Jonathan Clinthorne Several large home improvement chains have recently announced that they are in the process of phasing out sales of a group of pesticides known as neonicotinoids. Lowe’s Home Improvement is the largest of these chains, and in their recent report they have stated that they are in...