Coronavirus Updates

Updated 11/20/20 11:00 a.m.


Over the past several months, so many of you have been in our stores stocking up on all the essential things you need to keep your families healthy.


We want you to know that your health is our priority.


Adjusted Store Hours


All of our stores now close at 8:05 p.m. from Monday – Saturday and at 7:35 p.m. on Sundays so we can focus on restocking and thoroughly cleaning stores.


Senior Hours

Twice a week, Wednesdays from 8 to 9 a.m. and Sundays from 9 to 10 a.m.


Home Delivery

Home delivery is available at most of our stores through Instacart.


    Return Policy Update

    Natural Grocers will no longer accept returns of face masks, prepackaged bulk, special ordered bulk and perishable items (dairy, frozen, deli, meat and produce). Customers will be allowed one (1) return per receipt from other categories in the store (grocery, vitamins and body care). We are accepting returns on all unopened hand sanitizer. For details on our full refund policy, click here.


    Virtual Coaching Sessions

    Now is the time to focus on your health and wellbeing. Our nutrition experts are here to help. Our Nutritional Health Coaches are providing free phone and virtual Health Coaching Sessions.


    Coming soon

    We have cancelled all in-store classes until October 1st. We will be offering Virtual Nutrition Education and Cooking classes, check back soon for more information.


    Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitizing

    Extra cleaning and sanitizing measures have been implemented, including frequent cleaning of all frequently touched areas—grocery carts, hand baskets, register areas and pin pads, bathrooms, water machines, office areas, break rooms, and the produce department just to name a few.


    Customer Face Covering

    Customers are required to wear a face covering when shopping with us. Please note that certain states and cities where we operate have implemented facemask mandates that are more restrictive than our internal policy. In such cases, we have implemented policies consistent with the local mandate.


    Gloves and Face Coverings

    Disposable gloves are being made available for all store and bulk production Crew. In addition, reusable fabric face coverings and personal hand sanitizer have been provided to all Crew. Plastic face shields are being provided to Crew as an extra precautionary measure as requested or needed. We are following all ordinances and guidelines as well pertaining to these measures.


    Register Shields

    Plexiglass sneeze guards have been installed at all registers and are being installed in store support center office spaces as needed.


    Social Distancing

    Protocols have been implemented in all stores, production facilities, distribution facilities and store support center offices. Please maintain social distance as you can while shopping with us.


    Community and Family Matters

    Your health and wellbeing is our priority. As an essential business we are grateful that we have been able to provide Always Affordablesm and good4usm food to our communities. We continue to be proactive in making sure that our stores are as safe as possible to shop in during this time.


    Store Occupancy

    A maximum customer limit protocol has been set for all stores.


    Crew Health Check

    At the start of their shift, all store, bulk manufacturing and warehouse Crew go through a health and temperature check. If they have a temperature or other symptoms of COVID-19, they are required to go home and not return to work until they have been symptom-free for 72 hours without any symptom-reducing medication. Crew sent home due to symptoms qualify for one of our paid leave options.



    Customer Health

    Please do not shop with us if you are feeling sick, are experiencing a recent loss of sense of smell or taste, have a temperature over 99.6°F) or have recently been diagnosed with an active case of COVID-19. Home delivery is available via Instacart.



      Additional Safety Measures
      1. As always, our bulk is pre-packaged
      2. All product samplings have been eliminated.
      3. All testers have been removed.
      4. All customers are being asked to bag or box their own groceries at checkout to help maintain social distancing during the checkout process.
      5. If a customer places a reusable bag or another personal item at the bagging station, Crew will clean the bagging station before assisting the next customer.


      Hero Pay

      A $1 per hour permanent hero pay increase for all store Crew & all hourly bulk manufacturing & warehouse Crew went into effect March 23rd. An additional $1 per hour temporary hero pay increase for all hourly store & all hourly bulk manufacturing & warehouse Crew went into effect on March 23rd and will remain in effect through the end of May. Natural Grocers paid two discretionary bonuses to all store Crew in March, one in June and one in July. In addition, break times have been permanently increased to 15 minutes each.


      Paid Sick Leave

      In addition to our generous Paid Time Off (PTO) accrual policy, we are providing up to two weeks of additional paid sick/quarantine time for all Crew – full time, part time and temp. An additional 12 weeks of pay replacement is available through our short-term disability benefit.


      Leave Options

      We are offering additional leave options for Crew who are considered higher risk by CDC, those without childcare options and those uncomfortable coming in to work.


      Financial Support

      401k loan options available starting 5/11/2020.


      Covid 19 Testing Icon

        For Crew on Natural Grocers’ medical insurance plan, no out-of-pocket costs are incurred for COVID-19 testing and diagnostic treatment. In addition, Natural Grocers is covering 100% of all costs for Crew's in-network testing, diagnostic consultations and treatment for COVID-19.


        Immune Supplements

        Remember to take your vitamins! To help our Crew, we are providing free immune and stress supporting supplements every day to take at their discretion and providing them with immune and stress supporting tips from our in-house nutrition professionals.


        Reserving Products

        Crew can reserve up to 5 items to purchase at the end of their shift.


        Mental Health

        All Crew are eligible to receive three free therapy sessions to support their mental health and wellbeing through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP).


        Wellness Wed

        Every Wednesday, we celebrate wellbeing and each other with wellness shots, gratitude, a moment of yoga or a moment outside enjoying the sun. The wellness shots are nutritious and delicious nonalcoholic beverages that include ingredients that support immune health and promote resilience to the negative effects of stress.