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Welcome to Natural Grocers! We’ve been committed to helping our customers maintain healthier lifestyles for 60 years now, and we’re so glad you’ve found us. We invite you to shop our aisles and see the wide selection of products and everyday affordable prices that we offer. We carry a range of foods and beverages that can support your dietary needs, whether you are looking for “free from” products due to food sensitivities, single ingredients and basic foods for your recipes, or grassfed meat and dairy, paleo, vegan, grain-free, raw, and many other choices.
We stock a full selection of natural and organic foods in our grocery aisles, including certified organic produce, a wide range of bulk foods, natural and organic dairy products, high-quality natural and organic meats, and a full array of packaged foods on our shelves and in our coolers & freezers. Many of these products offer alternatives for customers with particular dietary concerns (such as gluten-free), and we try to carry as many local brands as possible.
We work hard every day to pick the best quality foods, both for good health AND for good taste. We do not stock any products with hydrogenated oils, artificial colors or flavors, artificial sweeteners, or Bovine Growth hormone in our fresh dairy. We have more specific standards within individual categories, which are described in more detail elsewhere. We check ingredients very carefully when we evaluate new products that come our way, particularly looking for Non-GMO ingredient verification whenever possible. We fully support manufacturers and vendors choosing organic ingredients and/or Non-GMO Project verification, so that you will have many great products to choose from.

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