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At Natural Grocers, we’re as passionate about supplements as we are about our meat, dairy, and produce! Of course, whenever possible, we recommend that our customers get most of their nutrients from a diet based on healthy foods. However, sometimes the body needs extra help from supplements to restore its nutritional balance or to supply essential nutrients that are difficult to get from food alone.

Natural Grocers makes the effort to provide nutrition and supplement information to you so you can make your own informed decisions based on your specific needs. At Natural Grocers you can obtain guidance in our store or web Nutritional Library, our free Educational Seminars or consult a free Nutritional Health Coach. Be sure to include your health care provider in your nutrition planning if you have a serious health condition or concern.

We have a very strict process for vetting all products sold at Natural Grocers. You can rest assured that all the dietary supplements that you choose have been carefully reviewed and meet all of our standards. In addition, you’ll find Natural Grocers may not carry every type of supplement product on the market because we only carry what we truly believe to be the healthiest options.

Our Dietary Supplement Department carries between 10,000 and 12,000 different products. We realize that it can be a daunting process to choose from such a wide selection, so our Dietary Supplement department staff is especially well trained to answer any of your questions or to find someone who can. So don’t be afraid to ask, we’re here for you!
Quality Standards
At Natural Grocers, all of the supplement companies we carry, including our private labeled product, are required to comply with the GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) established by the FDA, which include identity testing for all botanical materials used.
Our quality review process guides us to work with trusted, high quality supplement companies that reach for excellence. The food and botanical extracts from which dietary supplements are made have been around and in use for a very long time; any that have caused problems are well documented and are no longer approved for sale on the market. We know that what’s good in supplements is a concentrated form of what’s good in food — all the things your body needs. Scientific studies by government agencies, universities and research institutes show over and over that vitamins, minerals, herbs and other dietary supplements have predictable and measurable effects on how well our brains and bodies work.
All new dietary supplement products must undergo close scrutiny for efficacy, quality ingredients, good manufacturing practices, and proper label disclosures. We believe that quality ingredients make quality supplements, even if they cost a little more. When you buy from Natural Grocers, you can be assured you are buying the best, highest quality products available.
We source our supplement products from known, trusted and reliable manufacturers who follow Current Good Manufacturing Practices. In some instances, we have visited both the source providers of their raw materials, and the manufacturing facilities where products are made. We also follow scientific guidelines for known safe dosages, and require special warnings where a substance may cause adverse affects if too much is taken or if taken by certain individuals. There still may be situations where a supplement doesn’t agree with an individual’s constitution. If you have experienced an adverse reaction from a dietary supplement, please contact the store where you purchased the product.
We follow similar ingredient guidelines for dietary supplements that we follow for food such as avoiding artificial colors and flavors. In addition we have a more comprehensive list of potential supplement ingredients. Please see the article ‘What We Won’t Sell and Why’ for a complete list of ingredients we do not allow in supplements.


Gluten Free
We like to make our customers aware of the three Certified Gluten Free supplement lines we carry. These lines are Country life, Pioneer Nutritional and Natures plus with the exception of any products named or containing Cookies & Cream or Strawberry Shortcake .
Many Dietary Supplement lines are now gluten free but might be made in facilities with potential cross contamination so they aren’t certified gluten free. These lines would still say gluten free on their labels.
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A note on Genetically Modified ingredients (GMOs) in dietary supplements
Genetically engineered ingredients — particularly those derived from soy and corn — are often used as ingredients in dietary supplements because they are widely available and relatively inexpensive. Your choices would be greatly diminished if we were to enforce a total ban on genetically modified ingredients in the products we sell. However, we agree that genetically engineered ingredients are often avoidable. Please help us encourage manufacturers to use non-genetically engineered ingredients by purchasing non-GMO products. If in doubt, always choose a certified non-GMO product or Certified Organic product. Unfortunately, if non-GMO formula is not mentioned on the label, you should assume GMOs are present.

Dietary Supplement Advocacy
Natural Grocers has been deeply involved in the public policy debate over access to dietary supplements for 60 years. Margaret Isely, our founder, was a tireless advocate for supplements, and helped shape the current regulations that balance government oversight with the freedom (Margaret would say “responsibility”) to wisely choose what we eat. You can find extensive policy discussion and resources in the Public Policy section.

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