DIY Weed Killer

“Growth takes time. Be patient. And while you’re waiting, pull a weed.”

Emilie Barnes

We know that pulling all the weeds may be easier said than done, but taking the toxic way out, by way of dangerous chemical herbicides should not be an option. We love a good DIY project around here, so we did a bit of research and came up with a little something to help when your garden or yard needs more than a good yank to get rid of the weeds. As it happens, a non-toxic do it yourself weed killer can be made from 4 simple ingredients that are easily gathered up between your pantry and a short trip to your local Natural Grocers.

Green Goblin industrial grade vinegar will gobble up the protective coating of weeds and works on dirt as well, if you put it where you don’t want regrowth. A bit of salt dehydrates plants and compromises their internal water balance, while clove oil not only smells good – it gets rid of baby weeds, as in seedlings. Finally, there’s good old-fashioned, everyday dish soap, which functions as a surfactant, making sure that all the ingredients stick to the weeds you’re aiming them at. Voila, now you have an easy, non-toxic weed buster to help when the pesky green things get out of control. The one caution is that it must be strategically applied only to weeds, because there isn’t an ingredient to give it a brain to help identify which plants are good and which are bad.

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