Ali Bierman, MA

Ali Bierman’s education and skills run the gamut from psychotherapy (MA at Marymount University in Arlington, VA), to Energy Diagnostics and Treatment (Energy Psychology – studied with Fred Gallo, PhD.) and Specialized Kinesiology (Neuro Organization Technique – studied with Dr. Carl Ferrari), Touch for Health (full certification) and Kinergetics – studied with Philip Rafferty). That rare blend of knowledge crosses both traditional and complementary healthcare giving Ms. Bierman a unique perspective on health and happiness. Her understanding of the how the brain, mind and body work, along with a quantum physics spin, allows her to fill in the missing information so many people seek these days on how to gain health and happiness. Following two traumatic brain injuries, responding to the doctors’ life sentence, “This is as good as it gets. Learn to live with it” propelled her even more deeply into her quest for optimal nutrition to help heal her brain, altered body and functioning. As a health fanatic for forty-two years, preparing food from scratch before health food stores existed, her experience has impacted more than 150,000 lives online and in person. Ms. Bierman is delighted that her healthy life style is slowly becoming mainstream. She continues to educate the public through speaking, classes, videos and online articles. More than ten of her books have reached best seller status on Amazon with her book explaining the brain and mind was listed on three best seller lists for more than one year. Her book, Mental Illness: Consequences When The Brain Misfires, addresses the topic of nutrition as one primary contributor to mental illness. She debunks the myth of healthy whole grains and unhealthy meats, butter and animal protein. The expanded version of that book, You Can Prevent and Reverse Mental Illness, launching in the summer of 2014, goes into more depth powerfully addressing how brain and body issues favorably respond to a lifestyle that includes the paleo diet.