Allison Riederer, MS, RD

Allison Riederer MS, RD is a dietitian and associate instructor of nutrition at the University of Utah. After studying biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, she went on to earn a Master's Degree in Nutrition from the University of Utah. In her time as a dietitian, Allison has helped a wide variety of clients achieve optimal health through individualized nutrition counseling. She is committed to helping her clients make sense of the confusing and conflicting nutrition messages in our media, and empowering them to achieve their ultimate health goals one small, sustainable step at a time. She is currently offering nutrition counseling sessions at University of Utah Health Care's Madsen Health Clinic as well as through her own private practice, Crave Wellness. In addition to nutrition counseling, Allison teaches in the Department of Nutrition and Integrated Physiology at the University of Utah.