Amy Stuckey, Health and Wellness Coach

Amy Stuckey is a Health and Wellness Coach in Billings, MT. She studied Mind Body Medicine at Saybrook University after obtaining her Communications degree at MSUB and then furthered her education at Mayo Clinic where she received her Health and Wellness Coaching certification. 

Amy takes a holistic approach, helping her clients improve their overall well-being  by setting and reaching goals to make lasting change. Areas in which people often work on are diet, exercise, nutrition, relationship, and finances. She believes everything is intertwined and builds upon each other. Therefore, when setting a goal in one area, other areas of one's life often need to be examined in how they affect, both positively and negatively, the area they are wishing to change. 

By using your strengths in various areas of your life, Amy can help you gain success in areas you wish to move forward towards sustaining change. She is here to partner with you to help you succeed and celebrate your success!

Events By Amy Stuckey, Health and Wellness Coach