Andrea Happel

Andrea Happel helps individuals and couples create amazing relationships. 

As a life and relationship coach, she works with clients to
understand themselves and others, laugh and learn together, and build a vision
for their future.

Andrea Happel received her coach training from The Academy
of Coaching Cognition.  She is an
Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coach Federation
(ICF).  Her coaching business is based in
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Andrea’s core values are faith, relationships, honesty,
creativity, and vitality.  Once upon a
time, Andrea was a world traveler and teacher of languages.  When she discovered coaching, it was a
natural continuation of her love of language, story, and adventure.

When she’s not with clients, she’s homeschooling her three
boys, writing, dancing, singing, and growing food.

Events By Andrea Happel

Nutrition Seminar
Sponsored By: EPIC Functional Medicine Center

Change is disruptive!  Health changes--negative or positive--affect every area of your life. When you change your lifestyle to improve your health, your relationships will change too. Coach Andrea Happel will share 3 key actions to stay grounded and navigate change in relationships. Come prepared to practice new thinking, words, and…

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