Anne Lucero, FC

I started off in the fitness world with aquatics, pilates and aerobics, and gravitated toward yoga. I now teach exclusively yoga, including yoga in the water. I have had training in California, New Mexico, North Carolina, Nevada and Hawaii. I enjoy introducing yoga to those who feel intimidated to try it.  My passion is to introduce yoga to as many people as possible, and in particular, to those who have had surgeries, injuries, etc.  I volunteer yoga at the library, Genesis, do stretches for Chevron, share yoga with an after school program, college classes, private clients, the YMCA, and my own humble little Yoga Studio.  I frequently warm up runs with yoga stretches and speak to groups to educate folks on the many benefits of yoga practiced on a regular basis. I love going out to spread the word about yoga benefits. Studio is located at 501 W Cowden #35 Midland 79701.