Annie Foster

Annie’s career in fitness began in 2002 as a personal trainer at a health club where she trained clients in plyometrics, free weights, pilates, running, spinning etc.  It was in April of 2007 that she did her first CrossFit workout and realized what true intensity was.  Since then, CrossFit is the only program Annie has done for herself and her clients.  In January of 2008 Annie and her husband, Nolan, opened CrossFit Utah Valley with four other partners.  There she trained adult group classes, kids and teens classes along with some personal training and nutritional coaching.  During the next few years, the CrossFit gym grew from 15 to over 150 members and their family grew from 2 to 4 as they had two wonderful boys. In April of 2012 Annie and Nolan decided to sell their portion of CFUV and move to the “motherland” of Billings, Montana.  Annie has been a member of CrossFit Billings since May of 2012 and loves the trainers and CrossFitters there.  Annie is now starting some personal training and nutritional coaching at CrossFit Billings.   She has been successful teaching and advising clients on using the paleo diet and is committed to using it herself and with her family.  She feels it has made her and her clients look, feel and perform better.