Ashley Stranahan, DC

Dr. Ashley Stranahan was born in south Florida and moved to Flower Mound, Texas when she was 10 years old. Dr. Ashley graduated from AC pre-med with a degree in psychology and biology in 2006. She went to a chiropractor herself for neck pain and headaches (migraines) and was pleasantly surprised when she was soon living a pain-free life! She began to look into chiropractic as a career path for herself. Dr. Ashley realized that chiropractic addresses the cause of problems and doesn't just treats the symptoms of a condition and she was very impressed by this! She graduated from Parker in 2013.  After graduation she did some traveling and decided that Austin, Texas was where she needed to settle. She now lives happily in Austin with her new husband. Her practice is in Cedar Park, called Bloom Chiropractic & Wellness.