Bernice Hunter

B Hunter, M.Ed. CNC (Certified Nutrition Consultant) –candidate: Eating for Wellness is not just a slogan but a way of life for me. Enjoying food for the sake of recharging your cells and nourishing every ounce of your being is a fundamental aspect of being alive. Finding contentment through joyful exercise, calming meditation, good friends, and vibrant foods all fit into a daily thoughtful way to be aware in our space of being. I help people incorporate new lifestyle changes that are simple and practical so that life can be about delight and not about constant struggle. I have been an innovative middle grades and high school teacher for many years. During this time I have developed creative methods to teach to different learning styles. I incorporate fun and a hands-on approach when I am sharing my knowledge of nutrition. I feel that the use of humor is a necessity for learning. I continue to share my knowledge of nutrition in a way that is easily accessible and provides a foundation no matter what stage of life, wellness or health crisis a person is in. Eating well and becoming nourished is presented in a way that everyone will want to be a part of. I have taught many classes to all ages of people and particularly enjoy offering ideas to families so that children can be guided by their care givers to establish a foundation of wellness that will assist them throughout their lifespan. Some of the topics of classes have been: International Vegetarian Cooking, Planning the Present for a Happy Future for adolescents, Cooking for Less than a Crowd, Eating for Health and Vitality, The Truth Behind the Myths of Fat Consumption, and Hold that Sugar Spoon (Far Away From You.)