Betsy Carballo

Crumbles Bakery owner, Betsy Carballo, began baking at age 8. She received a B.A. from Indiana University and, afterwards studied Economics at Duke University. As her career has developed, Betsy's experience with international travel has melded perfectly with her baking interests and her growing interest in healthy eating. Crumbles baked goods include many "non-traditional" ingredients, some of them borrowed from other cultures. None of her tasty treats are made with refined sugar...common sweeteners include organic fruit purees, stevia, organic agave and honey. Gluten-free flour substitutes include vegetables, beans and non-traditional gluten free flours like lentil flour, millet flour and acorn flour. Much of Betsy's time is spent in researching and sourcing healthy foods. She and her daughter Alex, who suffers from Fructose Malabsorption, together write the Food For Life weekly newsletter.

Events By Betsy Carballo