Beuna Tomalino, Author

Beuna Tomalino is a garden coach, landscape consultant and author residing in Bountiful, Utah. Her formal education is in ornamental horticulture from Utah State University.  She is also a certified square foot garden instructor plus self taught in organic gardening methods and has been using both for over 25 years. Beuna teaches a variety of gardening classes including organic gardening, herb gardening, composting, organic lawn care, edible landscaping, and square foot gardening.  Beuna is the author and co author of books including What About Herbs? Growing & Using Herbs, Herbs to Know 2: Wild Medicinal & Edible Plants and Herbs to Grow. Beuna published articles have been included in The Essential Herbal Magazine, Utah Boomers Magazine, Ogden Standard Examiner interview and blogs including MintLife and ChopChop Magazine.  In addition to teaching at public events she has taught for businesses and neighborhoods.