Terri Kang

Terri is working as a yoga instructor, meditation guide, and healer these days. She's been doing this kind of job for a long time, however, she wasn't that serious before... After she helped her father at the end of his life, she had a great awakening and choose to live beyond physical side but more to follow her heart. Her father was a herbalist and acupuncturist. Her father and mother knew how to heal themselves and others through natural healing. They had always making natural remedies at home and never ate out. They cooked all the time. She realized now she picked up all those culture and customs. She is very happy to share what she had learned from her parents. She is very good at fermenting food, such as Kimchi, fermented plum juice, vinegar, etc...Fermented foods are excellent for intestines and digestion. However, they are not easy. She knows how to ferment food easily and she will share more with people around her.

Events By Terri Kang