Bonnie Kreckow, Herbalist

Bonnie Kreckow is a clinical herbalist trained in the energetics of the plants along with body/constitutional analysis. Professional training began at Sage Mountain in VT, under direction of Rosemary Gladstar in her Apprenticeship II Program followed by clinical & advanced training. Lakota Herbalist, Paul Red Elk, taught her native medicine along with Karyn Sanders, a Chata native. Other studies include: Organ Systems & Herbal Medicine, Holistic Diagnosis, Reading the Body, Tongue and Pulse, Phyllis D Light- Women's Health, Lymphatic System, Endocrine System, Clinical Practicum, Anatomy, and Herbal Medicine Preparation. Bonnie, the founder and formulator of “Simply ‘bee’ Natural”, works with an array of clients.  She teaches at local colleges, conferences and her apprenticeship program. She founded the MidAmerica Herbal Symposium, bringing together world-renowned practitioners offering education on herbs and healing.