Brian DeBaets, CPT

Brian DeBaets works one-on-one and in groups with people of all ages and all types, from the uncoordinated pre-adolescent to the previously injured seventy-something, to the seriously motivated high school and college athlete.   His journey in fitness began at age ten. He did what he knew how to do, did a lot of it, became obsessed, ate less, moved more and soon found himself in a psychologist's chair before starting sixth grade.   His pre-adolescent approach may sound ridiculous, but that ideology still prevails in much of the fitness community today, which continues claiming that "more is better, food is evil, be extreme," as exemplified in The Biggest Loser.   His goal today is to get people stronger in a reasonable, sustainable way by doing only what helps and avoiding what harms. Fitness gadgets are not required. Simply by using the body in the correct way, a person can work wonders.  

Events By Brian DeBaets, CPT