by Bill Benenson, Gene Rosow and Laurie Benenson

Bill Benenson, Director, Producer. Resume includes documentaries The Marginal Way and Diamond Rivers, serving the US Peace Corps, initial investor in Seeds of Change, and activity in Frances and Benjamin Benenson Foundation, Violence Policy Center, National Resources Defense Council, Bioneers, Rainforest Action Network and Ploughshares. Gene Rosow, Director, Producer. Over 30 years filmmaking experience. Wrote, produced and directed 20+ documentaries, including Doctora, Routes of Rhythm with Harry Belafonte, and Knights. Feature film credits include the family film Zeus and MGM’s Roxanne. Also has a PhD in History, Laurie Benenson, Executive Producer. Founded Movieline Magazine in 1985 and became a film/TV writer for New York Times. Involved with NRDC, Rainforest Action Network and Conservation International. Wrote a screenplay about environmentalist Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring. Currently rewriting her romantic comedy Genie. Dirt! The Movie is her debut as a producer.