Cazoshay Marie

Cazoshay is an Alaska-grown certified yoga instructor and raw vegan foods chef currently based in Arizona. Cazoshay shares her knowledge of holistic health and wellness by traveling to teach my unique events and classes, as well as through her blog, DID with Cazoshay. She has led yoga+wellness sessions for many different events and organizations including Covenant House Alaska, the 5K Color Fun Run, Portland Parks and Recreation, the Big Wild Life Runs (Anchorage, Alaska) and the Arizona Men's Health Expo. She has also been featured in MANTRA Yoga+Health and Success Magazine. Her goal is to make access to holistic wellness available to all communities and individuals, especially through sharing her unique and delicious recipes and Community Hip Hop Yoga, a class style which she created and shared from Alaska to Portland all the way to Arizona and is in the process of trademarking. My motto is #HaveMatWillTravel, you can check out the events page of her website for information on her upcoming events and classes.

Events By Cazoshay Marie